Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome to the Big F.U.

Have you ever read a newspaper and smack dab in the middle of REAL news is an article about some actress being pregnant or a celebrity being arrested for DWI? Does it piss you off that these people get front page news while real heroes, out putting their lives on the line daily for you and me get buried among the nonsense that fills the pages? Are you sick and tired of people making a big deal out of talentless assholes whose only claim to fame is a rich daddy or, shocking, a sex tape? How about a politician who is just so brain dead their own party needs to check his or her pulse? Or what about the person who sits next to you in a theater and constantly checks their text messages, or worse yet, talks during the movie?

Well, you are not alone. Oh no. You are in good company.

People piss me off. Some people piss me off royally. And, well, these people are now going to hear it from me. No one is safe. No one is protected. Names will NOT be changed to protect the guilty. You have been warned.

My name: Fuzzy Urlachter. And I'm dishing out the big F.U.