Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Fuzz Dishes About the Inauguration

I want to make this known from the start, this is not a political post. Today I am writing about the Inauguration ceremony held yesterday for President Barack Obama. This has nothing to do with political leanings, policy, or beliefs. So, please, let's keep the back and forth nonsense right there. There will be plenty of time for us to have those discussions and debates, as long as they remain civil. I know how testy those conversations can get.

Yesterday, January 21, 2013, marked the celebration of the swearing in or President Obama and Vice President Biden to their second term in office. And the event was a gala, something that should make other countries want to be like us. I was in awe watching the peaceful transition of our government. Most countries never get this kind of opportunity. We should feel thankful we live in a country where we elect our leaders and transfer power in a peaceful way.

Another amazing sight was Joe Biden being sworn in by the first Hispanic female justice on the Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor. And Obama can deliver a wonderful speech. If you are a Progressive, his speech was wonderful.

We didn't get to watch the leaders and their guests eat lunch, thankfully. Who would want to see that? But we did get to see the presentation of the gifts. John Boehner presented the flags. Eric Cantor presented the President and Vice President with vases. Nancy Pelosi presented the guests with a "goody bag" of items. Chuck Shumer toasted Joe Biden. Biden then toasted Shumer. And Henry Reid toasted President Obama, who in turn toasted and thanked every member of our government for their service. I can honestly say Boehner sounded like a moron. Canter is a horrible speaker. Pelosi came off as a dimwit. And Reid, well, he nearly put me to sleep.

After the salute to the troops, the President and his family, along with the Vice President and his family, took a long motorcade drive to the White House, where they took in and viewed the Presidential Parade. Mr. and Mrs. Obama got out of their car and walked a good portion of the route, waving to fellow Americans who were there to celebrate a momentous day. The only downer about the parade, in my opinion, were the "floats." They looked like card board cut outs. However, the marching bands were excellent. Kudos have to be given to the high school and college bands who performed. I'm sure they were extremely nervous having to perform in front of the President.

The Presidential Balls were held at night. Of course, they aren't televised. The only portions televised, at least by MSNBC and CNN (Fox News was probably closing down for maintenance since their viewers want to act like yesterday never happened LOL), were Joe Biden's speech and the President and First Lady dancing after their introductions at the two official balls. Jennifer Hudson serenaded the First Couple both times.

Once again, no matter what side of the political isle you consider yourself to be a part of, the transition of power in our country cannot be topped. While citizens of other countries have no say in their leaders, we get to elect ours. Power shifts in other countries are bloody, violent, and deadly. Ours is peaceful and celebrated. We prove, every four years, on January 20, just how lucky we are to be Americans and live in the country we live in. I can say I am proud to be an American.

Let me finish with this: yesterday would not be possible if it weren't for the men and women in uniform, putting their lives on the line to defend our freedom. They risk life and limb for this country. Let's show them the respect they deserve, not just in times of war, but in times of peace as well. Let us not chastise the job they are sent out to do, or brand them as villains on their return home from active duty. Let us make sure they are cared for and taken care of since so many come home and are never the same, whether physically or mentally. Let us never forget that, if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be the free society we are today. Readers, join me in thanking the troops for their sacrifice.