Monday, January 28, 2013

Begging is So Unbecoming of You

Happy Monday Fuzzheads. Hope everyone had great weekend. Mine was very cold here in the Garden State. Had a little snow, only a dusting so it wasn't all that bad. Got a light covering this morning as well. Nothing bad. I'm just waiting for that damn 26 inch storm to barrel down on us before the winter is over.

How many of my readers have Twitter accounts? And how many of you notice, all too often, people begging for a celebrity to follow them? This past weekend I felt every tweet I received (mostly retweets) were ones begging a celebrity to follow them. People, really. Do you think begging a celebrity to follow you will really get you noticed? Highly highly doubtful. Feel fortunate enough if they respond to your tweet. Just please, stop begging. And to those retweeting it, stop. You are just as annoying. Thankfully we can unfollow those who spam the Twitter feed.

Which brings me to this. I had my Twitter account suspended for about five minutes on Friday. Apparently Twitter thought my account had either been hacked or had spam software attached to it. I guess my tweets to people suggesting they read Friday's blog topic was too much. I did send out a lot of tweets in a short period of time. And yea, I didn't change the wording, so I can see where Twitter thought I was spamming. But, got the issue resolved and Fuzzy is back on Twitter. Had me a good laugh though.

Well, this is going to be a short one today. I have a lot of personal situations that need attending to today. But I didn't want to leave you without something to read. I need to go take care of a few things all week actually. I'm hoping to give you all some good articles to entertain you though. I hate to disappoint any of you. One disappointment is too much. I aim to please.

I'll end with some news. I have been thinking of expanding the blog into other media forums. I have a few ideas in mind, just need to research it all in my spare time. You will be notified once a decision is made. Hopefully it is something I can pull off and make completely entertaining for you. A few very close friends have an idea of where I am thinking of taking things, and they like the plans. But, it has to really be worth my while, and yours as well. So keep reading the column for updates. I will keep all of you posted.

Oh, wait, I forgot. Fuzz Nation, join me in giving Twitter beggers a Big F.U. today. I think they need to listen to me, don't you? So damn annoying.

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