Thursday, January 24, 2013

Facebook Whiners, Complainers And Biograpgy Writers, And The Fuzz Turns to You

Okay, I have to admit, I cannot stand many of the status updates I see on Facebook on a daily basis. We know it is cold out. We know when it is raining. We know when it is snowing. Stop giving us updates on Facebook people. Please. Just. Stop. It is annoying.

I also hate people who use Facebook to bitch about their jobs. First of all, not smart. Your boss can easily find you on Facebook and read your comments. And companies have won in court when fired employees tried suing. Companies have all the rights. You, the employees, have none. So do not put yourself into a situation where you will be fired for idiotic comments about your job. Oh and another thing: AT LEAST YOU HAVE A GOD DAMNED JOB!!!!! Talk to the 23 million Americans out there who do not have a job to go to, have no income, and cannot pay their bills, rent, food, or any thing else that is essential for living. Stop the bitching. You are a frigging idiot. I hope you get fired. And I hate you.

Seriously people, why do you complain about your job? It is a damn job. You haven't been laid off. You have an income. So you are sitting in an office that is a little chilly. Boo hoo hoo, my heart bleeds for you. Oh, your payroll tax went up a bit? See these tears? Oh, you don't? That is because I am not frigging crying for you. I'd gladly allow my payroll tax to increase a bit if it means I have a steady income. Oh, and by the way, learn why the payroll tax went up. Don't just blame certain people all willy nilly. You sound like a moron. Then again, chances are, you are a frigging moron.

Do I need to know that you are stuck in traffic on your way home from work? Or that you are on vacation? Or cooking dinner? Getting ready for bed? Or taking a shit of epic proportions? No. I don't. So STOP IT. I don't need to know every aspect of your damned life. You aren't important. Honestly, I don't want to know any of this garbage from people who are important. I surely don't want to know it from you.

Maybe it is just me. I don't know. Yes, I have a Facebook account. But I use it to help promote this blog (and apparently I've been failing LOL). I just ask, please, stop the Facebook insanity.

So, Facebook whiners, complainers, and Biography Writers, here is a Big F.U. to you!

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