Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate, and Today I Hate!

What's worse, a phony or a hater? I'd say a phony. Why? Because at least you know a hater is keeping true to him or her self. A phony, well, is nothing but a fraud. If a friend is acting like a phony, you must question his or her friendship with you. And if a person is liking a performer they used to hate, well, you need to figure out why. Maybe they are trying to fit in or impress someone. You know what is funny? Calling the phony out and watching them squirm. Oh the joy I receive when I do that. Then you get called a hater. But hey, at least I didn't compromise my own integrity!

And really people, is it such a big deal that Beyonce lip synced the National Anthem at the Inauguration Monday? Seriously, THAT is what you are going to complain about? Whitney Houston was aided by a pre-recorded version of the Star Spangled Banner during her much beloved Super Bowl performance. Maybe Kelly Clarkson should have lip synced her song as well. She may have sounded better.

I'm no Beyonce fan or mark but seriously, get over it. She lip synced. Must be the end of the world.

Which brings me to someone else who LIP SYNCS but people seem to love her still. I don't get it. She sucks more that Justin Bieber. And we all know how much he sucks. If he sold his soul to the Devil for fame and fortune, then this "performer" had to find a power more evil that Satan himself to give her fame and fortune.

I'm talking about another talentless hack, Nicki Minaj. When I hear one of her songs, I want to stick ice picks in my ears. I'd risk losing my hearing if it meant I never have to hear the noise that comes out of her mouth ever again. How people can listen to her is beyond me. Maybe IQ tests need to be handed out before buying music. If you like certain "performers" you are banned from ever purchasing a CD or downloading music from iTunes or where ever you get your music from today.

Nicki Minaj on American Idol is a joke. She sucks. Plain and simple. She sucks. There I said it. NICKI MINAJ SUCKS! Fingernails scratching a chalk board is more appealing. And this is now a judge on American Idol? Really? Have they gotten that desperate on that show? Nicki Minaj judging singing talent is like NJ Governor Chris Christie teaching a class about healthy eating and nutrition. Please let this be the death knell for Idol. If there is a God in that vast Universe of ours, please, do us a favor, end the misery of Idol once and for all.

Oh, and seriously, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have a feud. Really? Really? Really? What are they feuding over, who is the biggest piece of trash walking? Mariah wins that one so far. But if they are trying to figure out who is less talented, well, it is a tie. Neither one are very talented. Actually, neither once is talented at all.

So, people, join me in giving Nicki Minaj today's Big F.U. Yes, Nicki, you suck. Now go home and stop polluting the air waves with your garbage.

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