Monday, January 21, 2013

Even the Ignorant Have A Voice... Sadly

Let me start off today's entry with a Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King, even though his birthday was really last week. Also, today is the inauguration of President Barack Obama, even though yesterday was the official inauguration. Wow, Monday is just one big celebration!

And today, we are reminded of the political divide in this, the United States of America. We are reminded of political agendas, and how devastating these agendas are to the "little" people of this great country of ours. And we are reminded that, just because you are a CEO doesn't mean you are a bright person. Proof of that is at your finger tips. Just Google some of the CEO's comments regarding the current President, and you'll see these people aren't as smart as they want you to think they are.

Several CEO's come to mind when talking about stupidity. But, I'm focusing on one today. The others may have an article here in the future, if they continue to open their mouths and continue to sound like complete jack asses. Today's subject has opened his mouth once too many times, and that is why he is today's focus.

His name? John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods. Whole Foods is a chain of supermarkets specializing in heath foods, whether the food be natural or organic. And, as people who have shopped there say, are very expensive. They haven't been given the nickname Whole Paycheck Food for nothing.

Back to John Mackey. I'll start off by saying, I give him credit for starting his own business. I know it isn't easy to get off the ground, nor is it easy to sustain the business. I've researched what it takes to open your own business. And, even though I have an idea for a business in my town, and a business plan written, getting the business off the ground really is the hardest part.

John Mackey has been in the news recently regarding comments he has passed regarding the health care President Obama has passed, as well as saying climate change (just another term for global warming) is not a bad thing. Let me tackle the first comment.

John, haven't you seen the backlash dished out by American consumers against some Appleby's and Denny's chains of restaurants after those franchise owners spoke out and said something stupid regarding President Obama? Do you realize that people see through the idiocy of these people? John, what makes you think people won't do the same to Whole Foods?

First of all, Whole Foods makes money hand over fist. DO you really want us to believe that the company is going to go under if you have to provide health care to your employees? Let's face it, Whole Foods will still be here, standing strong, making millions upon millions of dollars. If providing health care to employees was such a bad thing, no company would ever offer it. But fact is, EVERY company offers health care. And some even offer it to part time employees, such as Starbucks. Are you afraid you may not make your personal millions? Wonder why people look at the rich as greedy bastards John Mackey?

And as for climate change. How is it not a bad thing? Polar caps melting will flood the oceans. The flooding oceans will creep up, over taking our shores, putting land once inhabited by people under water. Flooding will destroy homes and communities. Will lead to death. Maybe you don't have anything to worry about, in your mansion up on the hill. But think about your employees, who probably live in areas where flooding will erase their lifestyle.

Hotter weather will kill off food supplies for a large portion of the world. Hunger will take over and millions and millions will perish. But, that is okay with you, right John? I guess so. In your eyes, the death of the poor and middle class only means more wealth for you, is that right John? Because when you open your mouth. You may just kill off a lot of your business.

Look, I'm not going to make this post political. And I hope any comments that may be posted aren't political in nature. Your personal feelings about the current President, or Congress, or feelings toward political parties are not the subject of today's F.U. So, please, let's keep those feelings out, until I post a F.U. to a politician. Believe me, one will be coming, I guarantee.

So, readers, if you are with me, let's give a Big F.U. to John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods. John, go F yourself!

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