Monday, February 4, 2013

Please... SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

We are in the year 2013. We live in America. We live in a country where all men (and women) are created equal. Unless you are a Republican. Then the only people created equal are white men. Minorities, homosexuals, and women you aren't invited to the party, so don't bother showing up. That notion was pretty evident during the last election cycle. White Republican males couldn't keep their feet out of their mouths any time the talk centered around women's rights, rape, and abortion. Ever since Barack Obama became President four years ago, white males (Republican white males) have been in a tizzy. A black man is in the White House. The world was going to end. Well guess what scumbags? The world is still here.

And why are Republicans so against homosexual rights? What are they afraid of? Are they afraid we will find out half of the God fearing, Bible humping, good Christian Republican males are actually.... GAY? I mean, how many married Republican males in Congress have had flings with their male staffers? Or solicited sex in men's bathrooms? Google it. There have been plenty. And why are they so worried about the definition of marriage? They keep harping on marriage being between one man and one woman. They claim homosexual marriage would ruin the sanctity of marriage. Um, aren't heterosexual couples doing a good enough job of that? Look at the sham marriages of Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian. Kim's lasted what, 72 days? Britney's first marriage, to Jason Allen Alexander lasted all of 55 hours. Then she married Kevin Federline in 2004, only to divorce him in 2007. Here is another one for ya. David Vitter, Louisiana Republican. Dropped out of the Governor race because.... he had a relationship with a prostitute WHILE MARRIED! And guess where he stands on same sex marriage? He wants a Constitutional amendment banning same sex couples from legally getting married. So, I guess it is okay to fuck a hooker behind your wife's back. I guess cheating is okay as long as you are a straight male. Right?

What I find truly funny is, Republicans proclaim to be of deep Christian faith. But then, they hate anyone who isn't white or rich. Figure that out. Those are some good Christian morals.

Which brings me to the person who wins today's Big F.U. (and the first one I am dishing out in a few days). The Boy Scouts of America are considering lifting the strict ban on gay membership. Welcome to 2013 Boy Scouts of America! But of course, some sexist, racist, inbred moron had to open his big fat mouth and spouted off about this possible change.

Rick Perry, the moronic governor of Texas (gee, why can't Texans elect governors who are smart?) has now come out and denounced the Boy Scouts of America's plan to revisit the ban. He claims that the Boy Scouts are caving to popular culture. Popular Culture? Really Rick? Is that the best you could do? You are a hater, a bigot, and nothing more. I guess we should have expected something as asinine as this coming from the man who owns a hunting ground called "Niggerhead." Want to take us back to 1950 Rick?

Texans, please, do us a favor and get yourself educated. You keep voting for these bigots. Makes you all look bad. And Texan politicians stay in your state and stop trying to come on to the national scene, especially President. Nothing good has come out of Texas (this includes Jessica Simpson, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and the Bushes). Stay home. Leave the rest of us who want to see this country PROGRESS, not REGRESS alone. And if you really want to keep talking about succession, I'll do you one better. I'd vote for selling Texan back to Mexico and make you all Mexicans. You would all lose your American citizenship. We'd then build an electrified fence around the border and keep it protected with our military. You try to cross, we'd shoot your ass. How do you like that now Texans? Sounds good to you still? I know it sounds good to me.

So, readers, join me in giving Rick Perry the Big (I'm just going to say it cause he deserves it) FUCK YOU!

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