Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Friday, and I'm In Love...

What? Oh no, Fuzzy hasn't found love. Well, maybe he has. A new Netflix original program called "House of Cards" starring Kevin Spacey. I'm only a few episodes into the 13 episode "season" but my God is it good. Has my complete attention. Kevin Spacey is an acting genius.

I'll provide a full review once I finish the entire season. I don't want to break the reviews us show by show. I'm too into the show, riveted by the story line, the acting, the drama. And Kate Mara... Wow, what a job she does in the show. Excellent!

Here is the cast:

Kevin Spacey - Representative Francis Underwood, Democrat from South Carolina. Francis is Majority Whip. After being passed up for the position of Secretary of State after being promised the nomination, he hatches a plan to seek revenge on the newly elected President

Robin Wright - Claire Underwood, Francis' wife

Kate Mara - Zoe Barnes, a reporter for the Washington Herald. She is tired of being a "metro" journalist, and seeks more of a top reporting role. She befriends Francis Underwood and breaks insider government information

Corey Stoll - Representative Peter Russo. He is a Democrat from Pennsylvania, who is known in the "circle" as a womanizer. He is engaged in an office romance with his secretary even though he continues to cavort with prostitutes while drinking and doing drugs.

Kristen Connolly - Christina Gallagher. Peter Russo's secretary and partner in their office affair.

Sakina Jaffrey - Linda Vasquez. Chief of Staff to the newly elected President.

Constance Zimmer - Janine Skorsky. Another reporter for Washington Herald.

Sandrine Holt - Gillian Cole. Leads a grass-roots organization which provides clean water to third-world countries.

Michael Gill - President Garrett Walker

Jayne Atkinson - Senator Catherine Durant

Mahershala Ali - Remy Danton, a lobbyist

Michael Kelly - Doug Stamper

Sebastian Arcelus - Lucas Goodwin

Ben Daniels - Adam Galloway

Boris McGiver - Tom Hammerschmidt

Dan Ziskie - Jim Matthews

Here is one of the trailers for House of Cards. Just click the link.