Sunday, February 3, 2013

House of Cards Review

Took me one and a half days to get through 13 episodes (hey, Fuzzy needs his sleep). But, I did not want to stop watching. Netflix has a winner on its hands with their original series "House of Cards".

"House of Cards" delves deep into the political underworld of the United States government. Back room deals, behind closed doors manipulation. Destroying political careers of your opponents. Using the media (especially unaware and desperate for success journalists). All in the name of power. Lies. Betrayal. Marital infidelity. This is Washington DC.

Kevin Spacey does an outstanding job as Congressman Francis Underwood. He brings this southern Democrat to life. Makes you feel as though Underwood could be a Congressman in reality. Underwood, seeks revenge for not being appointed Secretary of State and unleashes a plan that would bring down several politicians, all while trying to work toward his ultimate goal: POWER. Spacey 's acting ability is above and beyond many other Hollywood stars today. Perfect casting for this character.

I admit. I am a fan of Kate Mara. I've enjoyed her work, especially in "Happythankyoumoreplease". However, her talents come to the forefront in House of Cards. Ms. Mara plays a hungry journalist, Zoe Barnes. Her goal: become a top journalist at Washington Herald, no matter what price she has to pay. She befriends Congressman Underwood, who leaks her information as to what is going on on Capitol Hill. Her desire eventually becomes her downfall. She realizes she was used by Underwood, not just for helping him carry out his plan (though she doesn't seem to know that is what she is doing) as well as for sex. She becomes humble again after she moves on to a web blog, Slug Line.

Corey Stoll has to be given equal mention here. His character, Congressman Peter Russo is truly the tragic character of the series. He is a womanizer, drug user, and alcohol abuser whose past includes soliciting prostitutes. He is a divorced father of two who winds up falling in love with his secretary. Little does Russo know, he is just a pawn in Underwood's quest for power. He is used and abused more than Zoe Barnes, and the outcome is anything but happy for Peter.

Robin Wright's portrayal of Claire Underwood, Francis' wife, is brilliant. She plays the loving, caring wife to perfection. However, when you watch the series, you'll wonder if these two really do love each other. They seem to have an open marriage, with an understanding that each is allowed to sleep with others. And, at the same time, they claim they love each other.

Netflix has created another wonderful drama series. After the finale, I was craving more. Still am. And yet, I am also satisfied with the ending. Underwood's story concludes nicely, but more could be told. If Netflix does not come up with a second season, then fine. As I said, Underwood's story ended. But, there are some loose ends and possible cliff hangers that can be explored in a second season. Here's hoping "House of Cards" is a success, and Netflix orders a second season.

My recommendation: if you have a Netflix streaming account, watch "House of Cards" especially if you are interested in politics. If you do not have a Netflix streaming account, sign up. "House of Cards" is worth the registration.