Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fox News or A Joke?

Sorry it's been a while since I posted. Class is kicking my ass. But, it is almost over. As long as I pass this class I can take my state exam. I'll know Friday of this week. If I pass, I'm scheduling my state exam right away. I want to get licensed as fast as I can. So fear not Fuzzy Fans, I'm still here. And now, time for some F.U.!

As some of you probably guessed, I am not a Fox News fan. I even have a problem calling them news. They are a propaganda machine for the right wing, basis no news story on fact, and if they do try, they fail. They are a crumbling news network. The last Presidential election proved just how unreliable this so-called network is. And people wonder why Fox News viewers are the most misinformed?

Well, Fox News did it again. Trying to promote "traditional marriage" Fox News ran a picture of a bride and groom kissing after sharing their vows. But, there was only one problem. The couple was lesbian. That's right. Two women getting married. And Fox News ran the picture. And we wonder why Fox News is at record lows in ratings? Well, maybe cause they are a bunch of inbred twits.

Here is the picture:

Picture is courtesy of Being Liberal (Facebook page).

So, people, laugh at those brain dead idiots over there at Fox News. Yet another misstep for this poor excuse of a news network.

Oh and Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the Fox News morons, FUCK YOU!

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