Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014

Last year, at this time, Fuzzy was on his way to creating a blog so he could give out a daily dish of the big F.U. While successful in the beginning, time because his enemy. The blog posts dwindled, and Fuzzy wound up disappearing. However, on New Year's Eve, Fuzzy returned. And he promises to bring a new adventure to The Daily Dose of the Big F.U. Blog.

As mentioned last night, I am going to challenge myself to watch at least 365 (or more) movies in 365 days. I am also going to incorporate 52 TV series seasons into this challenge. So at least one movie a day and one TV series season a week. Doable you say? I say more than doable. 

I promised to start posting tonight with my first movie. And I shall. I haven't watched a movie yet today, nor have I began to plan which movie I will watch. But, I have an idea.

Let me list the rules of my challenge:

1. Most movies will count, including animated movies or foreign films.
2. Documentaries will NOT count.
3. Made for TV movies (such as Sharknado) will NOT count. The movie must have been released in the theater or direct to disc/video on demand. Made for TV movies are neither.
4. TV series seasons must start in 2014. Any season started in 2013 will NOT count. For instance, Walking Dead season 4 will NOT count to the challenge, but Game of Thrones season 4 will.
5. British TV series will count.
6. TV series MUST be at least 10 episodes each. If a season or series is only 6 episodes, it WILL NOT count.
7. I WILL count Netflix series such as House of Cards.

Now, let the movie watching begin!