Sunday, July 14, 2013

No Justice. No Peace.

We the jury in the State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman find the defendant NOT GUILTY. And with those two words, a murderer goes free.

First, I want to say FUCK YOU to anyone who does not think this had anything to do with race. it absolutely did. How do I know? Well, Zimmerman profiled a young black teen wearing a hoodie. Because of this, he right away assumed the kid was doing something wrong. What was he doing wrong? Being black, and out at 7:09 in the evening. And for wearing a hoodie. Plain and simple. This had EVERYTHING to do about race.

And don't give me the bullshit line that Zimmerman was Hispanic. I don't care. Hispanic people cannot racially profile black people? Why, cause both are considered minorities? Only a racist asshole would say something as stupid as there was no racial profiling due to Zimmerman's ethnic background.

I won't focus on the actual events of that night. The truth is, we really don't know exactly what happened. We have one side of the story only, George Zimmerman. And we have to take his side with a grain of salt. Do we really believe he told the truth? I doubt it. He shot someone, was inconsistent with his statements, and lied. He acted like someone who did something wrong, knew it, and made stuff up to not get in trouble. What I will focus on are a few key points the prosecutors failed in making their case, my opinions of that night, and will comment on many of the idiotic and brain dead comments I saw on social media tonight. And at the end of this article, I will dish out a Big F.U. In fact, I may be dishing out several.

Ok, so, where did the prosecution fail? Everywhere. Why did they not bring out the fact that George Zimmerman's head was NOT being bashed against concrete, but instead, the fight took place on the grass? Common sense would tell ANYONE that if someone's head was bashed against concrete 25 times, as George Zimmerman claimed, then he would have already been dead, or at a minimum unconscious and with much worse brusing that a little cut on the back of his head. I mean seriously folks, the head contains your brain. The skull protects your brain. People have had their skulls broken by less. Twenty-five bashes against concrete. And only a little cut. No broken skull. No brain damage. Never lost consciousness. And yet, the prosecution never once thought this was something to present to the jury?

Zimmerman claimed he short Trayvon in self defense. Why didn't the prosecution turn that around on him and claim Trayvon was the one who was actually acting in self defense? I mean, think about it. If you were 17, a kid in reality, and someone was following you, wouldn't you be scared? Wouldn't you be afraid the person following you was looking to do some sort of hard to you? Well, if, and let stress IF, Trayvon did approach Zimmerman, wouldn't he be acting in self defense? YES. The prosecution should have made this point over and over.

Where else did the prosecution fail? Well, actually, their entire case was a failure. As I watched recaps of the proceedings I found myself sitting in amazement. The prosecution did a TERRIBLE job. I wondered to myself, "These people are being paid for this?" If I were the tax payers of Sanford (state of Florida) I would be demanding my money back. Poor excuse of a prosecution. Very poor. I truly felt as if they were just going through the motions, as if they did NOT want to be there. Remember, they were not going to charge Zimmerman at all. Not until the protests came. Not until this became national news. Not until they looked like idiots for not bringing this sooner. Yes, I truly believe they did NO want to try this case. And purposely sabatoged any chance of getting a conviction. The closing arguments were the straw that broke the camel's back. Not once did they ever act as if they were 100% sure of their case. No successful prosecutor should EVER act that way. EVER.

I think this last paragraph really states it all. I can go on and on about how bad the prosecution was, but I'd be writing for days. Plus, I am sure many of you were following the trial, either on TV or in the newspapers, or maybe online. I don't want to bore you any more than you may already be with the trial.

So, what exactly is my opinion of the whole situation? George Zimmerman got away with murder. Plain and simple. However, this is our justice system, for better or worse. The system is broke. The system does not work no matter what anyone says. It is what it is. In the end, no matter what you think of the verdict, truth is, no one is a winner. A young man is dead. A family is destroyed. And the killer will forever have to live with what he did, despite not going to jail. Lives were lost and ruined that night in February, 2012. No one comes out a winner.

Now, let me address some of the comments I have been reading online. Someone actually said you have the right to follow anyone you want, and when that person you are following approaches you, you can kill the one you were following in self defense. Um, really? REALLY? Walk down a street, a dark alley, and tell me you wouldn't be shit scared if someone was following you. Of course you would be.

Now, say you stop and ask the person following you, "What's your problem?" Does that give that person the right to shoot you just because you approached them? Um. NO. So, you are being followed, in a dark alley by a shady figure. You are scared. You think something bad may happen to you. You fear for your life. Isn't this what SELF DEFENSE is based on? YES. How can the person stalking you (which is against the law by the way) wind up with the right to defend themselves by killing you (in fear of their life) when they were the one perpetrating the act? Baffles my mind the way people think. I fear for this country. I really do. Americans are truly assholes.

I have seen other comments regarding this not being a race issue. I addressed this in the beginning. Yes, this is a race issue. Oh, and no, this has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives. Though, I must say, conservatives are celebrating the jury's decision while liberals are rightfully pointing out the injustice. I guess the saying is true, just because you are a conservative does not make you a racist, but if you are a racist you are probably a conservative (Republican). But back to the race issue. Yes, again, this is a race issue. A young black teen, wearing a hoodie, was profiled. Would Zimmerman have followed a white teenager? I would say no. He profiled Trayvon because of the color of his skin and clothes he was wearing. In this wannabe cop's mind, Trayvon was guilty. Zimmerman was Trayvon's judge, jury and executioner. Zimmerman had his day in court. Trayvon was not given his day to prove his innocence.

And people, can we stop saying Zimmerman is innocent? Not guilty does not mean INNOCENT. It means, NOT GUILTY. It means the prosecution did not prove their cause beyond a reasonable doubt (and facts are, they didn't). It does not mean Zimmerman is an innocent man.

Ok, so who gets the big F.U.'s? Well, there are several. Oh and no, I will not post their pictures.

Ann Coulter: GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU UGLY SKANK!!!! She actually had the nerve to tweet HALLELUJAH. Really? I hope you die you miserable bitch. The day you die, I will take to the streets and scream HALLELUJAH. I just hope you die by the bullet from a gun, shot by a white dude. Or black dude. Either way. I'd be in my glory.

Geraldo Rivera: Jackass had his nose broken by Neo-Nazis. Well, too bad they didn't do more than break his nose. He actually believed, because of Trayvon's clothes, the boy was guilty and Zimmerman had a right to kill him. He then said the women on the jury, after seeing Trayvon, would have shot and killed him too. Really Geraldo? I used to respect you. But you know what? You belong on Fox News with the rest of the crazies and ignorant assholes. You are as brain dead as they are. Geraldo, FUCK YOU!

The jury: Are you women that moronic? Are you that dumb? I just hope none of your children are ever slain in the same fashion as Trayvon Martin. If if they ever are, God forbid, I hope their killer walks. Gets off, just like you let this murdering scum bag walk. Fuck you!

The prosecution: This was the best you could do? And then have the balls to defend your case? Really? I'm not a lawyer, and I could have gotten at least manslaughter on this douche bag. You should be fired. You should never be allowed to prosecute another case. You are a disgrace to the legal profession.

The citizens in the state of Florida: Are you all mental? Has the sun fried your brains? First Casey Anthony, now George Zimmerman? I thought Californians were dumb when it came time for trials, but you now take that mantel. You are a disgrace to the U.S. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

And finally George Zimmerman: You murdering bastard. You wanna be cop asshole. You fit in perfectly with the rest of the racist cops in Florida. I hope you get what is coming to you. And you will. Karma is a bitch. You may be a free man tonight, but are you really free? You will be living with your demons until the day you die you piece of trash. You will suffer. And I hope you suffer horribly.

Well, there we go. I could have written more, but honestly, I'm tired. Tired of this system of justice where the guilty are set free, the innocent are executed, and minor offenders serve more time in prison than murders or child molesters do. The system is broke. The system needs to be fixed.